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Animals have been used as a form of therapy for many years, and many people who have the pleasure of owning a pet know the sense of well-being stroking an animal can bring.  It is well-documented that animals can improve peoples emotional, cognitive and social functioning.  They can also encourage educational learning and motivation.


My horses are well-mannered, and gentle.  They are well-used to attending public events and are not afraid of the sights and sounds that may startle your average horse.  Both have been commercial driving horses for almost ten years, they have been everywhere and seen everything.  Dukey in particular is a very loving boy, sweet in nature and anyones for a carrot and a fuss!  Watch your bag though, hes sure to have a nosey!


My dogs are all time-served therapy dogs.  All Leonberger boys who stand at 7ft on their back legs, and weigh more than me at 11 stone each, their gentle nature is a characteristic of the breed, and they love a good cuddle!  Fozz and Mojo have both worked with severely phobic children, and also attended many visits at residential and nursing homes over the years.  ‘Little Flea’ is only just embarking on his therapy career but hes already shown maturity well beyond his years, and seems to have a special affinity for little people!